A Day in Bacolod

This idea popped way back in December: Fly to Bacolod in the morning, eat my heart out then fly home at night. My schedule these days are erratic and chaotic. Important things just pop up and long vacations are just not in sight.

Fortunately, last January, I had a day to spare. It was a day that was either spent waiting and killing time or being stuck in traffic. I knew it was going to be a long and tiring day so I need to carefully plan it. Aside from that, any delayed flights could have jeopardised my plans. Good thing every plane I rode left on the dot!

So yeah. I spent a day in Bacolod with the agenda of filling my stomach with food. Yep. I did that.


Breakfast at Kuppa: Spamchi and a cup of coffee. Lounged for a while, planned my day and the rest of my week. Also used the socket to charge my struggling phones.


Decided to have lunch at Aida’s chicken. The chicken is soooooo good. I cry. It’s still the same old chicken inasal that I remember from Bacolod. Unfortunately the rice is not soft. Sad. Maybe because I ordered garlic rice? I don’t know. Maybe their white rice is better.


Coffee was my best friend that day. I woke up at 2am to prepare for my flight.


I’ve been to Bacolod a couple of times and I realized I haven’t tried cansi. With that said, my last stop was Sharyn’s cansi house. This was really good. It was the perfect dish to end my day. It was so comforting that it felt like the soup was hugging me with every sip.

Not in photos: Cakes from Calea and Napoleones from Pendy’s. I failed to take a photo before I ate it. So yeah, no photos for that. Needless to say, I was damn full.

Did I enjoy myself? Yes. Would I do this again? Hell yeah!

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