Luxury Airbnb in Jerusalem

Whenever I go to another country, I always consider booking an Airbnb apartment. Outweighing the pro’s and con’s is always a must before booking an accommodation. In Jerusalem, my step-dad booked a gorgeous Airbnb flat. It was a large 2 floor apartment with a backyard, jacuzzi, a large living space, a kitchen, 4 rooms with private baths. The whole apartment could fit 9 people.

DSCF0491DSCF0507 copyDSCF0496

Only five of us occupied the space. There was more than enough room for us and our luggages. Usually, when going to a country where language is really and issue, I would really opt to book a hotel. Hotels offer concierge services and you can ask the staff for details on tours and directions. Thankfully, the lady who manages the listing speaks good english. Aside from that, she gave us her number to contact 24/7. She also gave us recommendations on where to go.

DSCF0482This flat is the kind of space that you would pin over and over again on Pinterest. Such a beauty. The only problem we had was the jacuzzi won’t heat up. Aside from that, we were able to utilize everything– the kitchen, dining and the rest of the living space.

DSCF0486DSCF0487DSCF0492DSCF0504This apartment is situated in a beautiful location too. Jaffa gate is only a 20 minute walk, there’s a jogging path nearby, a small grocery, a bank and a commercial area as well. For a price tag of 23,000 a night for 9 people – 2,550 for each person, this place is a steal!

If you are hesitant to book a place through airbnb, just choose the ones that has good reviews and a host that communicates well. Those are the two important factors when booking an airbnb. I have used the app around the world, so far, after 9 aibnb stays, and I have yet to encounter a terrible host.

Even though our stay in Jerusalem only lasted for four days, this place felt like home. Check out their listing HERE. If you are new to airbnb, use my CODE to book.

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