A Day Around Changhua

Back in Taiwan again and finally back in front of my blog. It’s been a while. I have a ton of backlogs but decided to post this first. Currently in typing this in Taipei. I am on a two-week trip to assist with some family affairs. Spent the last three days in Changhua. Out of the three, I only had a day where I was really able to go around. It’s not my first time in Changhua though. I’ve been frequenting this city since I was a kid. Dad had work but it’s nice to be able to spend time with him even by just having meals together. Brought a lot of paper work with me and good thing I was able to finish all of it here.

Started my day with a quick workout around the oval, proceeded to have lunch and do some errands.

My dad and I did a lot of adult duties. To make things easier for us, we rode my dad’s scooter. This is probably the best mode of transportation in Taiwan.

Wearing this helmet makes me feel i’m part of the Power Rangers.

Having a scooter is easier since this allows for easier parking. For cars, there is always a limited amount of slots available. Aside from being limited, parking is expensive too.

Felt so Taiwanese by going around in a scooter. I look the part and now I’m doing the part. Can’t get any more Taiwanese than that.

Capped off the day with some baobing – ice shavings. These are all around Taiwan. It’s a famous type of dessert – it’s like bingsu for korean and halo-halo for pinoys.

Changhua is little south of Tauchung and two hours away from Taipei. It’s a very laid back city. Pretty chill. To be honest, I know so little about this place. I asked my dad but he told me that tourist spots in Changhua are done more during local tours. It’s tackles more on local history than culture perse.

It was a nice three days. I am thankful that I have a window to do whatever I needed to — at my own pace and without pressure.

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