Skin Buffet

What does it exactly do? Is it painful? How many sessions do I need? Is it effective?

These are the most common questions of a Filipino before they go to a skin clinic. One hesitation that we always have is WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT SERVICE TO GET. Sure, we get the most common one we know but there are many more services available that can be more suitable for our body or our skin. 


In Skin Buffet you can step in without knowing on what service to take and it’s okay! The attendants and nurses are very much capable to answer any of your inquiries. Since I am on a constant weight loss journey. I went in looking for help toning down.


This is me taking selfies during the session. lol. The lady who was doing my procedure was also teaching me some do’s and dont’s. She was also kind enough to answer all me inquiries!

The ladies recommended a combination Lipo Cavitation and Vacuum Shape. The lipo-cavitaion is a bit painful. Gel will be placed on your stomach so that the machine can be glided on your skin. Oh, the machine produces a high pitched sound that some might find irritating. The procedure will only take 15 minutes. Vacuum Shape is more enjoyable for me. This was less painful and felt more of a massage than a clinical procedure.


They also have a lot of services that you can try. You can find them in Unit 111 Westria 77, West Ave, Quezon City, 1105 Metro Manila

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