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To celebrate its 21 years in the industry, Plains & Prints, the style purveyor of chic and timeless designs for women, partnered up with ICanServe Foundation for its milestone CSR project.PNP6As a partner of every woman for the past two decades, Plains & Prints re-commits to its promise of inspiring and celebrating women through a creative initiative which brings together the country’s top fashion designers – Rhett Eala, Rajo Laurel, Randy Ortiz, Maureen Disini and Vania Romoff.


“Unlike any other campaigns Plains & Prints has launched, this campaign is unique because this is our way of fulfilling our responsibility to society by being involved in one of the major issues women are facing today- breast cancer. In addition, every piece showcased in this campaign will serve as a reminder to all women who are battling the disease or will at some point go through this, that they have a strong network of support, and that this battle is something we can win over and emerge from even stronger together.’ -explains Roxanne Ang-Farillas, owner and founder of Plains & Prints.

Touched by the journeys of breast cancer survivors, these designers aim to show the sheer strength of character and the beauty of each woman/ survivor. Through the beautiful, sophisticated styles presented by the designers, Plains & Prints hopes to inspire women to see the beauty in their ordeal and being.


PNP9Randy Ortiz showed his masterful touch with a more sporty and versatile aesthetic.

PNP10Rhett Eala’s collection focuses on femininity with pieces that make a woman feel beautiful, comfortable, sophisticated and sexy. Of course, Rhett had to add his signature painted details.

PNP8 Vania Romoff, captures the feminine mystique with romantic silhouettes.

Rajo Laurel created pieces that women can wear with confidence. While Maureen Disini, on the other hand, shares: “I wanted to design light, simple, and easy to wear ensembles.

PNP12Anne Curtis, currently an endorser of Plains and Prints, also graced the runway to show support for this campaign.

PNP3PNP4PNP7The collection will be up on sale in Zalora and Plains and Prints stores. Ten percent of the proceeds will be donated to ICanServe foundation. That night, the collection was already swarmed and the ladies of Plains and Prints can hardly keep up from all the orders!

PNP5PNP1Since it was established in 1999, ICanServe foundation has become one of the biggest and most influential foundations for breast cancer in the country. A community of passionate cancer survivors, ICanServe has made it their mission to help and support women with breast cancer. They advocate early detection breast exams and initiate community-based programs that extend medical support and empower women through education and information.


“My dream is to continuously create meaningful collaborations – touching the lives of women and maintaining a valuable lasting relationship with them. We will continue to fuel women’s devotion to excel and to bring out their true essence and strength,” ends Farillas.

I hope more retail giants will show support for other foundations, NGO’s and charities. Our world is not created equal. When we are blessed with more, we should also give more to other people.

For more information about Plains & Prints, visit This exclusive collection will be available starting September 14 at all Plains & Prints stores nationwide, and will be available for purchase online at To find out how you can help the cause, visit, or you can email


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