Damn, Hoover

“How did they build this thing?”

It’s going to be quite a hike before you could reach the point where you could see Hoover Dam. We were here during sping, but the heat of Nevada and the dry desert wind was already making it difficult for me to clim up the hill.

hoover4hoover1hoover2hoover3hoover5hoover6hoover7hoover8hoover9Hoover Dam is a concrete behemoth, an impossible project, an architectural and engineering marvel. Currently, it provides electricity to three states – Nevada, California and Arizona. Aside from that, it serves as flood control and water irrigation.

When you are here, you will realize that Nevada is INDEED a desert. If you are only staying in the center Las Vegas, you won’t really notice that is as much of a desert since you have buildings around. It was only when I stood from a vantage point that I saw how huge the desert is! Thank God my Aunt’s packed a cooler with more than a dozen bottles of water. I don’t think I would survive an hour outside without ice cold water. The heat was demanding so much from my body.  Oh, one cool thing (the irony) about visiting Hoover Dam is you could cross from Nevada and reach Arizona in just less than a minute. Did I mention you also instantly skip an hour because they are of different time zones?

If you have extra time during your Las Vegas trip and you want to have something educational or do something very touristy, Hoover Dam is a nice addition to your travel itinerary. I do not suggest going here when you are curing from a hangover tho. You need to be properly hydrated before going here.

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