Titas of Las Vegas

There are three things you must do in Las Vegas:
1. Gamble
2. Get Wasted
3. Go Outlet shopping

Well…I only did number the last one. Gambling my hard earned money is not something that I do and alcohol is just lethal for me. I was born allergic to alcohol. So yeah, not a single dollar spent on casinos and not a single drop of alcohol consumed. YUP. You read that right. So why did we go to Las Vegas if we didn’t plan to party? We went here to visit relatives. 

Then again, I’m in VEGAS. Vegas is famous its vibrant night life. We can’t just leave Las Vegas without checking it out right? So…I dragged my tita self, with my real titas and my mom, to check out Las Vegas, tita style. lol. Let’s just say everything that happened was more than wholesome.

We checked out downtown Las Vegas aka the original Las Vegas before they set up the strip. We went to the strip on a separate night. It was a a Friday night, memorial weekend. Las Vegas strip was packed. There are groups of bachelorettes, bachelor parties left and right, birthdays and all the party people are out – and they are wasted. We were supposed to watch a show but then everything is fully booked because of memorial weekend. *Note to self when traveling, take note of the holidays!*

LASVEGAS1LASVEGAS2LASVEGAS3LASVEGAS4LASVEGAS5LASVEGAS7LASVEGAS8LASVEGAS9LASVEGAS6We watched the famous fountain show of Caesar’s Palace and we walked around the strip. If you are not drinking it will get boring after a few minutes since the whole place is basically a casino and a bar multiplied exponentially. Well, the fun thing about being sober is (1) I can remember everything and (2) it’s fun to see people trying to get a hold of themselves so that they won’t get kicked out of hotels and casinos.

I spent most of my time in Las Vegas burning my money in outlet shops. No photos exists during that time coz who takes photos when you’re on a major shopping spree?

Before we left, we just had to take a photo of the Las Vegas sign. It’s a little disappointing to find out that the sign is actually smaller than I thought.

Despite the epic proportions of tita-ness of this leg, I really enjoyed it. This just proves that you can be an angel in the sin city.

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