A Retrospective: de la Renta

Retrospect: a review of the past

This exhibit had a comprehensive display of the creations of Oscar de la Renta. This perfectly encapsulates everything that he has done. From his first Paris show, even the early dresses that had heavy influence of Dominican Republic (his home), to the tailored suits that he made for the first ladies of America, to his Hollywood red carpet dresses.

From this point, I have decided to let the clothes speak. Let the visual orgasm begin.

O1O2 O3 O4 O5 O6 O7 O8 O11O12 O10 O9O13O14O15O16 O17O19O20O21O22O26O27O28

The internet has been a constant source of my daily fashion inspiration. I always drool over photos from Dior, Chanel, Krikor Jabotian and more. Every fashion girl would dream about watching a fashion show from one of the top fashion houses. De La Renta is one of them. It is surreal to see haute couture this close! This is not Paris or New York fashion week, but this is as close as I can get to seating front row. So close that you could see the details – the perfect construction and tailoring, the intricacy of the embroidery and beadwork, the perfection of the fit. I was just in awe of everything. Breathtaking.

It’s been almost two years since Oscar dela Renta passed away. A great fashion house remains great because of the skills, the people behind it and the almighty position of the creative director. Just recently, the creative director who replaced De La Renta already resigned. Now the fashion house needs to find another person to fill in the shoes of this brand. After all this, it is always worth asking…what will happen to his fashion house and the legacy that he left?

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