Himeji is outside Osaka. You need to take the local railway -JR LINE- to get here. Once you are here, Himeji castle is just 10 minutes away by foot. You can actually see it once you step out of the train station.Japanese cats. Huhuhu. These cats are so cute! Why can’t strays in Manila look the same?

Going up is a work out. I do not recommend the climb for those who have disabilities and health problems. I was already panting at this point!

It’s not sakura season, but i’m glad this one bloomed for us. I was trying to imagine this place with snow or when hundreds of sakura flowers are in full bloom- what a sight.

The castle itself is empty. There’s really nothing inside it but the climb up to the top. Once you reach the top, this view is the reward. You get a birds eye view of the city.

HIMEJI3The last three photos above best explains what happened. Shiv took my photo, and I took theirs.

HIMEJI4*candid shot*

These square shaped holes are meant for use in times of war. Initially I thought they were just there for decorative purposes but, this is Japan we are talking about. After walking around the castle, we finally saw a board that explains the shapes on the walls. Different shapes symbolizes different weapons. You can see circles, triangles, and other sizes of squares around the castle. Some are for archers, some for flamed archers and others for rocks.

We were supposed to visit Osaka castle. However, after asking a local for directions, they told us to visit Himeji instead. After enough search on google and checking dozens of trip advisor reviews, we decided to skip Osaka Castle and go here instead.

HIMEJI2I am a sucker for historical sites. Whenever I’m in places like this, I always reimagine things as they were. How they lived or how majestic this place must be. Japan is filled with so much culture and tradition that they uphold and protect — I admire the Japanese for that. On how they have evolved to become a first world and modern country yet still, they were able to keep their culture and traditions intact.  I sincerely hope the Philippines will be something like Japan someday.

Currently, I have around one or two more posts from Japan. Will be alternating that along with my posts from the US and the ones I have on queue here in Manila. Cheers!

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