Hello from Los Angeles!

Traveling once again! I’m not even done with my Japan posts. Lol. i will try to squeeze them in aling with my posts from this trip.

Almost missed my fligh from Manila to HK. I KNOW. HOW? Well, I misread our tickets. With literally minutes to spare at the check-in counter, I am proud to say we made it. Being busy is not a valid excuse BUT, I WAS REALLY BUSY BEFORE THIS TRIP. So busy that I was not able to double check out itinerary. Lesson learned.

One luggage is not enough for one month of travel. I can pack light for a weekend trip. For a month long trip in different cities, I think I need more than one bag. Love that I have this luggage cover so that my bag will stand out from the conveyor belt.

Luggage cover from Wanderskye.

Passport cover and cardholder from Maven Manila.

Currently typing this in Beverly Hills. Got an apartment for us through airbnb. Superb location! Will be going to San Francisco tomorrow. We don’t really have a solid itinerary. We just figure out things as we go since everyone else was to busy to even bother making a laid out plan. Hopefully that will workout since we have no plan B.

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