Deerest Nara

Nara is a train ride away from Osaka. It will take you less than an hour if you take the JR line. NARA11Totally clueless with the map to real life ratio, we decided to walk from the train station to Nara Park. It was around 20-30 minute walk in freezing temperatures. If you plan to go here, don’t walk. Take the bus. I repeat, take the bus.

NARA12NARA15Clear skies, cold weather.

NARA13Nara is home to more than a thousand  wild deers. These deers can freely roam the park. The first one we saw was actually crossing the street like a boss.

NARA16Hello Deer!

Feeding time!

NARA14One of the many back shots I have of these two.



NARA1NARA9I don’t know why we do this. We eat ice cream even if we know we are gonna freeze.

NARA8Caught the moment when this deer took a huge bite off our map. Found out later that they actually eat paper.

NARA3Walking home. Another good and tiring day. We average on 22,000 steps during this trip. Walk. Walk. Walk. Will be posting about Himeji and Kyoto soon!

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