Dotonbori – Shinsaibashi

Food and shopping. It wasn’t a challenge being with these two. We basically had the same thoughts on food and shopping…or so I thought.D1D2Takoyaki Dotonbori Kukuru. I liked the takoyaki and the shabu shabu.

D3We were instructed to blanche the raw strips of octopus in the soup for a few seconds. When we finished the soup, they told us that octopus can be eaten raw. I tried it. Not eating raw octopus again.

D4D5There’s a lot of shopping options in this area. It would probably take more than a day to go through each shop.

D6The Glico man! I saw a lot of people taking tourist shots of this LED billboard. Upon much research, aka google, this sign has been here since the 1930’s. The Glico man is a symbol of a japanese confectionary – the makers of pocky!

*Spot Ted*

She’s probably the only lolita I saw during the whole trip. Canmake is a popular drugstore makeup in japan. Another must buy Japanese makeup brand: K-PALETTE! I hoarded  a bunch of K-Palette eyeliners and eyebrow liners.

D13I had to. I’m in Japan and it happens that I see my favorite cream puff shop. Beard Papa never fails me.

D14Got amused with the LED screen.

D19Kanidouraku. This is a famous restaurant in Osaka. If you did not make any reservations, you have to wait at least 2 hours for a table. We did the latter.

D20This restaurant is among the pricer options in Dotonbori. I forgot how many set meals we got but we ended up paying around 5000Y for each person in a group of three.

D21The menu consists of crabs- different types of crabs. In the end, I felt like all crabs taste the same. lol. Service and the quality of food is definitely 5 stars. Aside from the crabs, I was in awe of the *legit* wasabi that was served.

D22Had the chance to get some Pablo’s cheesecake.  They serve it warm. So the inside can be gooey. Three of us agreed that it’s better when it’s cold and a day older.

D17Shopping is surprisingly cheap in Japan. When they are on sale, you can get tops for as low as 100Y or 40PHP. Definitely a steal. Bought new flats from my favorite Spanish brand and it only cost me 400PHP.

D16We go here to cap our day with a good dinner or some shopping. I think it’s the best place to go at nights where you just can’t think of what to eat and where to go.

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