Kuromon Ichiba

FOOD TRIP. When in Osaka, you should make a visit to Kuromon Ichiba. If you are a foodie, include this in your itinerary. Out of all the things I ate in Japan, I enjoyed the food here the most. Kuromon sells a bunch of things. From clothes, to grocery items, liqueurs, wines, and of course, food! If you want wagyu, kobe, sashimi and sushi, Kuromon is the place to go.

Don’t expect a fancy dining place. Kuromon is a market. You walk, find something you want, then find a place to eat. Some stores have a small dining area. Some provides a table but you just have to stand and eat.

Deep fried tofu and ebi.

KI4KI6KI7I wish that this was salty and spicy rather than being sweet.

Who could ever miss this beautiful display of tuna.

KI8THE Tuna Shop. This is probably the most prominent Tuna shop in the market. Went back to this shop a few more times because the tuna is just soooo good.

Had to call the boyfriend to ask what kind of tuna I should try. The foodie in me needs advice coz I cannot decide on what to get.

KI11Tried the Toro tuna. This definitely broke my budget but, it was all worth it. These babies can cost up to 2800-3400Y per serving. Depends on how many grams you take. I think, if i remember it right, mine costs around 3200Y (1300++php) — Just for the Toro Tuna.

KI13Tempura! I tried the shrimp and the eggplant. The lady selling this gave us a free sweet potato tempura. Each tempura varies from 100Y (40php) – 500Y (200php).

Wagyu skewers. Around 800Y to 1100Y (320php – 495) a stick. Went straight to food heaven after the first bite.

Coming from a tropical country, it’s always nice to see a variety of flowers.

KI17Back in our favorite tuna spot.

Chutoro, gohan and soy milk this time. The chutoro is a bit cheaper than the toro. With little english, the Japanese guy who sells these tuna explained that the price does not define the taste. The price varies because of the cut and the kind of tuna. The chutoro costs around 1800Y – 2500Y (740php – 1030php).

KI19KI20Matcha green tea ice cream. nom.

Three of us shared this stash of uni. Good thing we did. I don’t think I can finish this on my own.

KI22White strawberry! It’s actually called a pineberry. It’s a cross between a pineapple and a strawberry.

KI23Certified Kobe beef. This was really, really, really good. Comes with a really good price tag too. Starts at 2000Y (82ophp). Can’t really remember.


Walking around the market really adds to the experience. The feel of this place is just so welcoming that you want to try and eat everything you see.

Saved a lot of money from our accommodations thanks to AirBnB. Decided to add that budget to food. Japanese cuisine is something that you should really experience at its fullest. This is not a place to be stingy on food.

Sharing more of Japan in the coming days!


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