Traveling alone has always been on my bucket-list.  When it came to a point where I had all the reasons to travel alone, I immediately booked a ticket. I made sure I had enough time to do some research, book accommodations or check modes of transportation before I embarked on my solo adventure.


Destination: Sipalay beach:
Why Sipalay beach? Why not just a beach near Manila? Sipalay located 5-6 hours away from Bacolod City. It is secluded beach that has crystal clear waters. If I’m going to do a trip like this, it should be far enough to make myself feel fulfilled. I’ve been here once, so I am still familiar with the route. The sunset is perfect and the stars light up the sky at night. Plus, this place is pretty much safe for my wallet. It was a no brainer.

Trip details:
After booking my flights, I immediately searched for accommodations. Booked a room in Easydiving. It costs around 1,800 for a room – The room is actually good for two and it includes breakfast.

Going to Sipalay:
From Silay airport, you can take a cab to the terminal. This will take you at least 30 minutes. A friend came to fetch me and drove me to the bus terminal. So, I am unaware on how much it will cost for the travel from airport to the city/terminal.

It takes 5-6 hours to reach Sipalay via public bus transport. I took the non-airconditioned bus since it was THE bus that I saw in the terminal. Unfortunately for me, the air-conditioned bus arrived a few minutes after my bus left. I was ready for this. Took bonamine so I won’t feel sick during the trip.
Non-Aircon bus: 150-200php

When you reach Sipalay, just hire a trike to get to the resorts. The trike ride takes 20-30 minutes.
Trike Ride: 200-250php



To make my life convenient, I only traveled with a backpack. Not those giant backpacks, just a normal sized one. Left my Fuji X-A1 at home and brought my Go Pro instead. Used a selfie/go pro stick for a 2 in 1 purpose. Took all my photos during this trip. I think I became a selfie expert after this.



Beachfront of Easydiving.


Went here during the last quarter of 2015 thus the seaweeds and the strong waves. The shore is usually clear and the waves are calm during the rest of the year.


My 3 day escape includes reading, eating, swimming, walking by beach, writing and everything that keeps me relaxed. Basically the best R&R experience yet. Away from all the noise, stress and work.


The whole stretch of the beach is probably 1km? With 4-5 resorts. It’s nice to go around and walk in the mornings and before the sun sets.



Would I still travel alone? Definitely yes! Traveling alone is not as hard as I thought it would be. You just have to take a leap of faith!

Just a few notes when you do think of traveling alone:
Be alert at all times- especially when riding public transport.
Use the toilet before riding the bus. You don’t want to lose your seat or your stuff when you take a piss during one of the stops.
Check your route in advance so you already have an idea on how you would take the trip.
Plan an itinerary. The itinerary does not have to be detailed. It can just be a list on what you want to do.
Lastly, have  loads of fun!

I’m actually thinking of another trip I should do. Any suggestions?

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