When I was offered to style for a high school fashion show, I was initially a bit hesitant. So many factors come in. First, it was a big show = 30 models (15 male and 15 female models) that includes a quick-change. Everyone in the fashion industry knows how stressful a “quick-change” can be. Second, I was mainly worried on how to deal with high school students. haha! Dressing up a professional model is so different compared to real people– what more high school kids! To top everything off, I suddenly felt like a lola! lol.

I must admit, I had a tough time during the fitting. It was because they are excited and eager with the outfits I have prepared. The fitting area became a chaotic mess of a bunch of clothes and shoes, a stylist and 30 students. Of course, I expected this. So before I went to the fitting, I had already given a specific set of instructions on basic handling of the pullouts. This is for them to learn how it is done in the professional world and so that they will be responsible for their assigned clothing. Their school made them sign a waiver in which they will be the one paying for the clothing and shoes assigned to them incase they mishandle it.

After the fitting, their excitement is  what made the rest of the show flow smoothly. They practiced their walk and they really exerted extra effort to make the show as flawless as possible. Sure, they may just be high school students and not professional models, but they executed the show like pro.

The fashion show features clothing from Zalora, Something Borrowed, 2401, Petit Monde and footwear from Primadonna.

Thank you St. Jude Catholic School for having me as your stylist for your first variety show, Vivant. 

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