After a few backlogs, it’s finally time for something current. This is a collaboration between industry friends. Shot around 6 looks with 2 models throughout the whole day. This is the first with Charles. Thought of “Tough Times” as the title while making this blog post. It’s fitting for the shots and fitting for everyone who is going through something right now.


Photo: Jeffrey Ong / Styling: Chase Chua / Grooming: Raymond Isaias / Model: Charles GharehCHARLES1424CHARLES3


Charles is wearing an H&M x Alexander Wang jacket + H&M joggers and beanie + Adidas shoes

Everyone is going through something. Acting tough is not always the way to go. Sometimes, showing a bit of emotion and weakness can make a person much stronger than keeping all the emotions inside a box. 😉

Oh, It’s been a long time since I actually posted anything fashion related. This is because I don’t plan to blog about all my previous shoots anymore. I just added the end product to the #styledbychase tab. Although, i have picked a few that I will upload soon! So, stay tuned.


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