Everyone was laughing at us when we said we were going to the beach. We can’t blame them. It was JULY and it was pouring every now and then. Well, this was a last minute plan. The only thing we are sure about is we are going to the beach. Which beach? We (sort of) figured that out when we were in Tagaytay.

We went to Burot Beach which is located in Calatagan, Batangas. Good thing this place is waze-able or else we would have a hard time finding it.

BBB11This trip marks my longest drive ever. It’s not the most challenging terrain, but it’s just really tiring. I’m not used to driving this far! I’m always the sleeping passenger during road trips! haha! It took us roughly around 4 hours to get here– Including bathroom breaks and a stop at a grocery store to buy food and drinks.


This place is beyond my navigational area. Just type Burot beach on Waze, then the app should lead you to this place. You know you’re going in the right direction when you pass a sketchy looking gate with a security guard. That gate would then lead you to this beautiful road.

This view welcomed us when we reached the place!


There are minimal fees like entrance fee and parking. Aside from that, the only other things you might need to pay for are the grill and charcoal, kubo or a table.

Some tips before going here:
1. Bring your own food and water + toiletries and everything you need. The only thing they have is a grill + charcoal, kubo and tables– which you can rent. We bought some marinated meat and grilled it by the beach (oh, bring tongs so you can grill like a boss). We also had a cooler which contained our ice, drinks plus we got some other snacks too.
2. Bring water for cleaning + shower purposes. I went with 3 other girls and none of us even attempted to use the toilet/shower room. Let’s just say it was not inviting.
3. Bring your own trashbag. Let’s keep our beaches clean!



Aside from our group, there was only another group of campers. We did not stay for the night. We left before sunset so I won’t have a hard time driving through roads that don’t have street lights. Upon reading reviews, this place is packed during summers. I also read a lot of negative reviews about this place, but honestly, we enjoyed ourselves. Despite not being able to use the bathroom, I think we were being realistic with our expectations. Burot beach is a private, undeveloped, beach tucked away somewhere in the middle of Batangas. The place is just keeping it real.


Burot beach holds a special charm. This place is not for everyone. For the adventure seekers this place is on point. For us, it was the perfect place at that moment. To end this post, here’s a 15 second video I posted from Instagram.

Shot with GoPro Hero 3+

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