Grand Palace + Wat Pho

Before entering the entrance of the Grand Palace, you can already see a glimpse of the place from outside. And one thing you can notice about this place is that, it’s filled with GOLD. Gold, gold, gold everywhere.

gp1 gp2 gp3 gp5 gp6

My horrendous 350baht (525 php) white top. I had to buy it coz apparently, you cannot cover yourself up with a scarf if you are wearing a sleeveless shirt. Other places allow the scarf thing except for Grand Palace. oh well.


I looked to my right and saw these Bangkok school girls. With my outfit, I can actually go with them! LOL.

gp8Amazed to see how they maintain this place and it’s beauty. All the glassworks are individually placed.


I lost count on how many times I stood in awe.


Everything is so intricate. It makes me wonder how they built the whole place, or how long it took! Imagine the amount of work.


Saw this man just sitting and sketching. I wish i could skip the cameras and do the same thing too!



Have you ever walked so much, that you felt like your feet died? That’s what I’m feeling right here. Aside from the pain that I’m feeling, I was also so thirsty and tired coz of the heat! Thank God we are already bound for lunch after this photo.

gp21Inside Wat Pho. Unlike the Grand Palace, they are not strict with the dress-code. I just had to change my top. The heat was just unbearable. Wat Pho is just a stone’s throw away from The Grand Palace. So it would be such a shame if we did go to this place.


Half of the reclining Buddha. It was too big to fit my camera decently.

gp23gp20This day was intense. After Wat Pho, we decided to go back to the hotel to take a much needed break. There’s so much to see in Thailand. There’s actually more places that I did not get to see. It just takes more time, effort and money. Effort is such an easy thing to give especially when travelling. The time and money is the hard part. haha

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