Sawasdee ka, Bangkok! My friends and I went to Bangkok last November. We booked this trip early 2014. Since we are “busy”, we were only able to book the hotel one month before the our scheduled departure. The itinerary of the whole trip was realized during our first day in Bankgok– after we got scammed big time. We we’re warned about tourist scams, but we never realized that they were that GOOD at scamming people. If someone stops you and offers you something, just walk away!

Decided to cut my Bangkok trip into 3 posts since I figured it would be a waste if I had to throw out so much photos.


B1 B2 B3

Erawan Shrine


My first tuktuk ride! Note: Ride the tuktuk once or twice for the heck of it. It’s is actually more expensive to take a tuktuk than to take the cab. Oh, when you get a cab and insist on taking the meter or HAGGLE!


Our first tourist-y stop is at Wat Arun. It was beautiful. This place fuelled our excitement to see the rest of what Bangkok can offer.


Climbed up these set of stairs. It was VERY STEEP! Climbing the stairs was one of the scariest, heart-pumping moment of my life.


Thailand’s architecture is full of intricate details. Imagine the amount of hours they have to dedicate to build this place.

B7 B8 B9 B10


Lost. Meet my friend Katie. We were looking for the restaurant that was recommended to us. This map is so helpful! You can grab one at the airport for free!

B11 B13


Thai food is just uhhhmaaaazing. I gained weight during the trip. Rice and Thai milk tea all day everyday! No regrets.


Bangkok’s city at night. Shot this all the way up on a rooftop bar.

B18 B19

Insanely pretty installation inside the mall. As far as I can understand, this is an offering for the royalty for gracing the opening of the mall? Something like that.


Bangkok is a city full of contrasts. It’s interesting how they can intertwine their culture and religion into such a busy and booming metropolis. I know my photos are not enough to show you everything that Bankok can offer, but i guess this gives you a glimpse of my little adventure. Next 2 posts wil be up soon!

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