Even though I always complain how it is SO HOT, I must say, I will miss summer. Manila, is NOT rain friendly. It’s like the whole city was not built to withstand a drop of rain.

Floral prints, is a big summer trend and it’s gonna continue on to the next seasons; the colors will just change and be updated. I rarely wear prints but floral prints are just too beautiful to ignore. When I saw this print, I thought it was plain perfection.


Plus, the silhouette of this dress, is so me. My only problem: this dress is too long for me. *Short girl problems* The bright side of life is, length, is the easiest thing to alter. A little snip at the bottom and viola, perfect fit.



BTW, backless dresses, are my thing.


I’ve always been so excited about summer. It’s always full of adventures and surprises. Well, all good things must come to an end. So, as we officially wave goodbye to summer, let’s welcome the weird, no-so-sweater-weather that’s gonna come in the next few months.

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