CHASE CHUA dot COM is a lifestyle blog. It’s gonna be a good mix of everything amazing.

For this first post, I think it’s pretty much apt to talk about something that I am obsessed about…Branding. Branding myself is always a HUGE problem. Branding something means creating a permanent identity that people can remember. I have always believed that we humans are constantly evolving. Thus, giving ourselves a permanent identity might be a hindrance for growth. bla bla bla. So after a not so long thought process (I thought about this in less than an hour), I decided to make my blog paraphernalia as clean and as light and as fresh as it can be — To fit the ever changing me and the ever changing world.

Decided to keep Chasing the World but I decided to slap my name on the subtitle of the header — For all sorts of reasons.


Basically used all my favorites. Used my ever so reliable Quicksand font. I’ve been using this font for different works and different purposes throughout a couple of years already. It’s my go-to font all the time. For the colors, I used peach and grey. Grey adds all the masculinity while the peach stays feminine.

This is not so final yet tho. I will need to tweak some of these. I also need to create a vector icon. There’s still a lot of work to do but at least, I have already started up with something.

So many new and amazing things to come. I cannot wait to share everything to all of you. So dear blogging world, I am back. For good this time.

P.S. Oh, notice the menu on top, there’s some new tabs up there. Do watch out for that too!

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Retired Fashion Stylist + Adventurer + Entrepreneur + Artist + Fashion Girl

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