Another travel post! Going to Bacolod was a last minute/ spontaneous decision.  With no concrete plans, I booked a ticket to Bacolod with only an invitation (and a little sales talk) to go to Sipalay beach. Sometimes you have to make crazy decisions in life.
Ironic to the title post, most of my photos are outside Bacolod City— It’s actually around Negros. A friend pointed out saying that ‘Chasing Negros’ would be racist. So, let’s just stick with Chasing Bacolod!
Sunrise. We always see the day end but rarely see the day begin. Says so much on how we live.
Go Pro!
We just have to stop at this point to take photos of the beautiful view.
Team Bali!
Touchdown Sipalay Beach.
After they left, we stayed on that floating bamboo raft too!
Aside from the usual tourists, scuba divers also frequent Sipalay.
The Ruins –  You can’t leave Bacolod without visiting this place.
The mansion was built by Don Mariano Lacson for his wife Maria Braga. This was burned during the war but still, it’s architecture stands tall today.
The original fountain is still there too!
They say it is best to see The Ruins at sunset. Too bad it was a bit cloudy that time. I must say, to see The Ruins at night also a very different experience. It’s amazing to see it all lit up – makes it seem alive.
I only stayed in Bacolod for 3 days — that is short. I don’t think I have seen everything yet. I already ate so much but still, I have not tasted everything my friends asked me to eat. Three days is definitely not enough.
I know I’ve been to a handful of places already and it’s only the beginning of the year! There’s more to come, trust me on that. You might ask, why do I travel so much? Well, I’ll leave you with the thought below:
Live life with no regrets. Explore the world. Take chances. Love. Take a leap of faith.

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