Before heading to all the festivities, we started our day by looking for something to eat. We wanted to try Cafe Caw’s food sadly, the Chef was on leave. To make ourselves happy, we just took photos of the interiors! It was so cute!
Customers can leave notes in this wall. Such a great idea!
Test shot. Testing whether I can shoot with my camera inside a ziplock or not. Obviously, no.
Ze working girls!
All of this for 200 pesos! Only available at Casa Verde!
We did not see the correct section of the parade since the route was very long. We honestly didn’t see so much. haha! At least we tried to catch up! All part of the experience.
Party at the Baseline. Screaming Pit Senyor while dancing to the beat!
Photos alone cannot show you how fun this party was! Everyone was just ready to dance to the beat! It was okay to get dirty, to get drenched with beer or to get splattered by mud. Everyone was just having the time of their lives. The party here at the Baseline was one big factor why my Sinulog weekend was so amazing.
After all the beer shower it was only right that I would take a real shower.
Went to work straight from all the Sinulog festivities that happened in this post. It was a crazy idea but, we, working girls needed to do it.
I have said this before and I will say it again. Sinulog weekend is the best weekend of my life! It was crazy and fun! Hopefully, I can go back next year. I’m actually going to another weekend adventure tomorrow. This time i’m off to Bacolod! I’m so excited for it! I can’t wait to share it with you! ❤

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