The first party of the Sinulog Weekend. LIFE DANCE Party!
All I can say is, this night was epic! The music was insanely amazing!
Feels like breakfast but it was already noon.
Despite the weather and waves, we were still set to sail!
All of us were joking around on how we might end up like Pi. Stuck in the middle of the ocean. Good thing we are not out on the Pacific!
My college block-mates! So happy to be with them in Cebu! ❤
Com Tech represent!
With Vanessa Hudgens, oh wait, I mean Vannah. After this we spent a lot of time pondering whether we could swim to the island or not.
We tried, but the waves and current that day was too strong for swimming.
Sto. Nino at Fuente Osmena. Bought some Sinulog shirts, walked around the circle before heading to find a club where we can actually fit.
ALL the bars and night out spots are FULL! To think, this was 3:00AM!
We were all having a great night but we didn’t stay for a long time. We decided to go early since we all know were are going to have a big day at Sinulog. I’ll blog about it in another entry since it will be too long if compressed in to one!

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