I’m quite sure everyone of us looks like this in the morning.
This photo is shot at a place 7 hours away from Taipei. We just spent the night here and we are off to another road trip.
Such a beautiful flower exhibit. How I wish I can see this during Spring.
We stopped over at this cute cafe before going to Kenting.
This is the adorable daughter of the owner. I’m loving her bangs!
Strawberries in a bottle!
Obligatory tourist photo.
Transformers in Taiwan.
After eating at this restaurant, my lens broke. I don’t know why. I just heard a click then it is stuck at one focal point.
It was stuck at this point. So…yeah. After that  night I used my phone to take photos.
Got these chocolates at Kenting. The rose flavor is something new to me.
A few of what I shopped in Taipei. I love how cheap the stuff are. All of this for 500NT.
This is the last of the travel posts from my Taiwan trip. I hope you enjoyed reading too! I think I will be posting a compilation of instagram photos soon. I have another trip this coming March – it’s for work but i’m so excited for it. Another country to visit, another adventure! Chasing the World indeed!

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