To start our day, we headed to Shilin Market to grab some food. We saw this stand that sells something like xiao long bao- the only difference is it’s bigger. I cant read Chinese, so I couldn’t tell what it’s called. (does it read sheng long bao? HAHA)
For a small stall, they have a lot of customers. Including us! Even though we were really hungry, we patiently waited to try this. We were not disappointed. It was really, really, good!
I just had to take his photo. Sorry to caught you off-guard but you’re outfit is so chic!
Rode the train going to TamSui just to kill time while waiting for NYE.
*Bokeh <3*
Meduim Yakult, and large Yakult
I love the food in 7-11 Taipei. I swear, I could live for years with 7-11 food.
The Alleycats signage caught my eye. I wonder what it is.
On our way to dinner, I saw this fatty street dog waiting for free meat from a restaurant.
After dinner, we ehaded home to our apartment to rest before we decide to go to Taipei 101 for New Year’s fireworks. We got stuck in traffic so we had to run to the building. Unfortunately, we didn’t reach the building on time. Aside from that, obviously, we are on the wrong side. HAHA!
The running time of the fireworks display only lasts for a few minutes. If I am correct, this year, it was 180 seconds or 3 minutes. It is always a beautiful sight to see.
The blurry photo below is the photo of the cutest couple I have seen in my life. Their outfits screams his and hers but in a very fashionable way.
We failed miserably. My sibling and I tried our best to chase them and get a decent photo.
I’m currently midway through my Taiwan posts! It’s taking some time but i’ll speed things up this week.

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