8 degrees with 70% chance of rain- This was the coldest day during our stay in Taiwan. I think I was wearing 4 layers of clothing. 
I hate bringing a coat when I travel, so I layer like a boss. Brining a coat will not be an option not unless the average temperature will be 0. 
I spot hot coffee in 7-11. When you’re freezing, any hot drink will be the best drink of your life. 
Knit Turban, F21 + Knit Scarf, Baguio + Denim Jacket, Teranova
Knit Sweater, Vintage + Leggins, Uniqlo + Booties, Payless
Even if I wore tons of knits, I can’t say that it kept me warm. I’m just happy that the little Filipina girl who only gets to experience winter once in a blue moon survived.  🙂 

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