It was just suposed to be an hour drive from Taipei, but because of the holiday traffic, it took us more than 2 hours to get to our destination.
One of the most ornate temples I have seen in my life. Look at the details! Everything that you see is carved in stone!
Da Xi, Old town is located in Tao Yuan ( the same city where the airport is located). You have to go up in long set of stairs to reach this old town.
When we reached the top, we were immediately greeted by Taiwanese delicacies and street food like stinky tofu, wild boar sausage and more!
Notice the shape of the bread! It’s so adorable! I spot a bear and a turtle ❤
Freshly squeezed juice.
This river is the reason why they built the town on top of the hill. If I remember it right, this river used to overflow, so the town decided to move up and away from the river.
The original structure of the shopping district in Da Xi.
Since the signs of the original establishments were carved in the stone of the building itself, you could see what the original store sells. There was one that originally sells jewelry, but now it is a restaurant.
I can’t get over these uggs. Personally, I’m not a fan of uggs, but these are just so cute for little girls!
One of the most delicious cream puffs in the world.
Let’s just say I also want a pink tutu.
As the sun sets, it was a sign to head back to Taipei.
It was the first time I went here. Considering it’s a small country, I’m amazed that I could still visit something new every time I go to Taiwan.
The next day, we were off to meet up with some relatives.
Since finding a parking space is a challenge, we decided to take the train – like how most of the people get around.
We decided to meet in MEGA City, one of their department stores in Taipei.
Empty streets. Only a few people drive around Taipei because their country invests heavily on improving their public transportation system.
That is their train station. Very, very, different from what our train station looks like in Manila. Take note, that is just one of the stops.
The red bus is a free shuttle that would take you from Mega City to the train station. It is better to walk that to ride this shuttle. It only takes 5 minutes to walk to the station. The stoplight at this intersection takes forever. Trust me, we tried riding this thing.
Spotted this cosplay couple who are having a photoshoot inside the mall.
Meet my Taiwanese cousins!
For dinner, we met up with my dad’s brother. This shop was in front of the restaurant where we ate. Shopping in Taipei is very different. The best clothes are not found in their main streets.
The best clothes are found in small and hidden stores like this. Don’t expect the prices to be low though. They might be hidden away from all the other mainstream brands, but their prices not exactly cheap. If I have the money, I would buy everything from this store.

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