I cannot begin to describe how excited I was for this trip. Ever since I started having a day job, I felt so locked up in a box. It’s not because my job sucks it’s just that I really hate the 8-6 work hours for 5 times a week. Good thing my boss is lenient with my absences and leaves- I still have that tiny window of opportunity to travel and go on adventures.
It is also fitting that Taiwan is my first destination for 2013. I consider this country as me second home. Philippines would always remain number 1 in my heart.
It took a while before my uncle was able to fetch us. It was the start of Taiwan’s long weekend and we were pretty much confused on what terminal we were at.
Matching pen and passport holder.
We stayed in an apartment in Jian Tan. The place is It’s 15 minutes away from the famous Shilin Night Market. The place is owned by a florist and an interior designer. The lady was just so sweet and amazing. These pretty flowers greeted us when we arrived! ❤
Shabu-shabu dinner.
After our dinner, we took a quick rest in our apartment then decided to go to Shilin Night Market. That is Jian Tan train station in front. There used to be a market on the left but they are now transforming it to a youth and art center. Behind the trees and the station is Shilin Night Market.
You know you’re there when these bright and colorful signs greet you.
Taiwan’s street food is glorious. Before you could become a street food vendor in Taiwan, you need to pass an exam that is given out by the government. A far cry from our street food industry here in the Philippines.
Inside these boxes are the most glorious cheesecakes in the world.
Can I just say, Taiwan has one of the best product packaging in the world.
Shilin was packed. It was more than the usual crowd. Not only was is a Friday, it was also the beginning of their long weekend.
First travel post for 2013! Cheers! This Taiwan series will be a long one so please, bear with me. Aside from Taipei, I already have some trips lined up— both locally and abroad. I’m so excited! I hope aside from the ones scheduled, there will be more.
More of Taiwan soon!

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