Skin Buffet


What does it exactly do? Is it painful? How many sessions do I need? Is it effective?

These are the most common questions of a Filipino before they go to a skin clinic. One hesitation that we always have is WE DO NOT KNOW WHAT SERVICE TO GET. Sure, we get the most common one we know but there are many more services available that can be more suitable for our body or our skin.

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STYLECON by Lazada


Last September 10, bloggers, influencers, and industry insiders were treated to an informative and inspiring talk, the first ever STYLECON. The event brought together today’s brightest young names in the different fields of style, such as makeup, couture, styling, and modeling. The Lazada Stylecon Panelists are: Sassa Jimenez, Patty Ang, Kelsey Merritt, Bea Constantino, and […]

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Plains and Prints Can Serve


To celebrate its 21 years in the industry, Plains & Prints, the style purveyor of chic and timeless designs for women, partnered up with ICanServe Foundation for its milestone CSR project.As a partner of every woman for the past two decades, Plains & Prints re-commits to its promise of inspiring and celebrating women through a […]

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Damn, Hoover


“How did they build this thing?” It’s going to be quite a hike before you could reach the point where you could see Hoover Dam. We were here during sping, but the heat of Nevada and the dry desert wind was already making it difficult for me to clim up the hill. Hoover Dam is […]

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Scalp Is Skin


I have sensitive skin – I use a lot of products for my face and body to keep it healthy and glowing yet…I don’t have any to take care of my scalp.Yes, SCALP IS SKIN TOO! I noticed that most of the shampoos out there only take care of our hair and neglect our scalp. No matter how much I […]

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Craving For Sunshine


When it’s been raining non-stop, don’t you just ever crave for some sunshine and the beach? I do. I’ve been craving for the sun and beach during the past few days and I can’t help but look back on my trip to Cebu last year. Aside from staying with my family in the city, we […]

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Whenever I shop, I always consider my carbon footprint. If anything is made in a better process, it automatically catches my attention. Let me introduce you to Colourette. Colourette lipsticks are made from all natural ingredients. It is paraben free, gluten free and cruelty free makeup. Oh, did I mention that it’s 90% vegan and […]

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Titas of Las Vegas


Despite the epic proportions of tita-ness of this leg, I really enjoyed it. This just proves that you can be an angel in the sin city.

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